Krova Polish Vodka

Krova vodka is the result of a careful mix of extra-neutral alcohols, obtained from excellent cereals in combination with potato, along with the process of five distillations in continuous distillation. The pure water that comes from the thaws gives a neutral and pure flavour to this high-quality vodka.



Colour: Crystalline, bright with silvery glints of light on the edge of the glass.

Aroma: Subtle, neutral without pinching or irritating the sense of smell.

Flavour: Dry, strong, powerful and sharp flavour, without secondary aromas, practically neutral with a very slight alcoholic sting, mixed with a subtle sweetness typical of fermented potato musts.

Sensation on swallowing: Slight sting with medium sweetness.

Suggestionshow to drink it: Cold or mixed with citric juices.