BVLand Malt Cream

BVland introduces a new range of fruit liqueurs ideal for cocktail making.

Colour: Cream colour with a tendency to light topaz, brought by the composition of tannins found in pure malt Irish

AromaBalanced, integrating all the characteristics of the dairy products used, with a touch of condensed milk at the point of caramelising, it gives us a note of dried fruits, almond, cocoa and vanilla, with a well-defined fragrance of the well-aged malts. One easily notes the aroma of the wood and the smoked aroma of the roasted malt with peat.

FlavourModerately sweet without being sickly sweet, fills the palate well, smooth to swallow, without being rough on the throat or irritating, very slight alcoholic kick, due to the alcohol content of pure malt Irish whiskies. In its flavour is integrated the sweetness of the milk, with the oak wood and smoke of the roasted malt with peat. Free of lumps and particles in suspension, in the glass it is viscous and very creamy.

Sensation on swallowing: Creamy lactic, with marked sweetness, average sting befitting the malt used.

Suggestions – how to drink it: Neat very cold, with ice or mixing it in equal proportions of iced coffee.

70 cl