BVLand Crema Catalana

BVland introduces a new range of fruit liqueurs ideal for cocktail making.

Colour: Toasted yellow, with a tendency to brown, brought by the burnt sugar. In the glass it is dense and creamy, free of lumps and particles in suspension.

Aroma: Delicate, including all the characteristics of the dairy ingredients used, with a very well achieved aroma of cinnamon, vanilla and citric. It reminds us of the aroma of sugar at the pint of caramelising.

Flavour: Moderately sweet, with a smooth texture, filling the palate well, very slight alcoholic kick, due to the degree of cereal alcohol contained, and a distinctive bitter touch brought by the caramelized sugar.

Sensation on swallowing: It is a complex and pleasant mixture of subtle aromas that remind us of the process of preparation of this delicate Catalan dessert when we make it at home.

Suggestions – how to drink it: It is a tiny pleasure for big occasions. We suggest drinking it neat after the coffee, or in a tall glass with a lot of ice. It is very suitable for mixing with the BVland liqueurs of Vanilla, Coffee or Cocoa.

70 cl