BVLand Coffee

BVland introduces a new range of fruit liqueurs ideal for cocktail making

Colour: Dark topaz, not bright, medium opaqueness. In the glass it is dense, consistent, viscous and with a tendency to foam.

Aroma: Well-defined robust coffee, indelicate strong aroma very markedly differentiated from the aroma of Arabic coffee.

Flavour: Sweet, acid, bitter, all in harmonious balance with a slight sting of the alcohol.

Sensation on swallowing: Fills the palate totally, of great viscosity and medium sweetness, without being sickly sweet, balanced with moderate acidity and perceptible bitterness, recalling caffeine very well.

Suggestions – how to drink it: Drink it very cold as a digestive. In the cocktail maker mix it with medium-aged rums such as 5 or 7-year-olds.

35 cl | 70 cl