BVLand Cassis

BVland introduces a new range of fruit liqueurs ideal for cocktail making

Colour: Reddish-brown, with marked brightness, in the glass it appears dense, consistent and viscous.

Aroma: Well-defined of blackcurrants, acidulous aroma with sweetness.

Flavour: Strong acidic balanced with a pleasant sweetness, slightly bitter and with a small perceptible sting, due to its alcohol content.

Sensation on swallowing: Fills the palate completely, of great viscosity and average sweetness, without being sickly-sweet, balanced with its high acidity and slight bitterness.
Suggestions – how to drink it: Drink it cold as a digestive, in the cocktail maker mix it with white wines, champagne or cava. Very suitable for making the popular Kir Royal.

70 cl