BVLand Blackberry

BVland introduces a new range of fruit liqueurs ideal for cocktail making.

Colour: Black with reddish tones, with marked brightness, in the glass it is dense, consistent and viscous.

Aroma: Well-defined wild blackberry, acidulous aroma, one can fully smell the aged liquors with touches of aged wine.

Flavour: Strong acid balanced with pleasant sweetness, recalling blackcurrant jam, with small perceptible sting.

Sensation on swallowing: Fills the palate completely, of great viscosity and medium sweet, without becoming sickly sweet balanced with its high acidity, and slight bitterness, on the throat one notices the taste of medium aged brandy and a touch of aged wine.

Suggestions – how to drink it: drink very cold as a digestive, in cocktail makers mix it with white wines or vodka, and it is very suitable for making triples mixtures with berry-type liqueurs such as blueberries, strawberries and redcurrants.

70 cl