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Ron Relicario is the result of a combination of rums aged for over 10 years  and basic rums aged for at least 7 years (Ron Relicario Superior) or for more than 15 years (Ron Relicario Supremo), a high-quality rum. Relicario Rum, taste the legend!

Jodhpur London Dry Gin, with its unmistakable blue color, as a tribute to the exotic city, is presented as a high quality gin, transparent in color with wide blinking flashes in its clean and bright background.

Glen Silver’s is a brand of whisky bearing the Scottish protected designation of origin. Full of tradition and flavour, it covers a range which includes 8 and 3 year old Blended Scotch and 12 and 3 year old Single Malt Scotch.


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Beveland presents a new liqueur: BVland STRAWBERRY

A liqueur spirit perfectly balanced and refined. The perfect combination of sweetness and freshness.

Ron Relicario – Promotional Video

Beveland Distillers presents the first promotional video of our Relicario Rum. We’d like to celeb...



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